Monday, July 14, 2008

OMG - I'm SOOOO Tired

We've rented a tile cutter, and got straight to work today.

J and I tiled 1/3 of the kitchen floor (we're trying to do it in stages so that we can move the fridge and stove onto the done part before we have to do the rest), and put up kerdi around the tub surround.

Tomorrow, we'll tile the tub surround, and hopefully grout the kitchen floor that we've done.

Wednesday hopefully we'll grout (and hopefully seal) the tub surround, so maybe we'll be back to full fledged showering by Thursday.

Luckily, our water is back to ON on a full-time basis, since J got the new shower faucet system up and running. Whew. No more strategic hydration.

I tried to snap some IN PROGRESS pics, to document our hard-core DIY productiveness, but unfortunately it looks like I've got to research new digital cameras since it looks like mine is done.

My little Kodak CX7330 did a valiant picture taking job for almost 5 years for me, but now the OK button doesn't work. When there hasn't been battery power for a while, the date setting resets, and when you turn the camera on, you can't get past the date reset function without being able to hit OK, meaning I can't use my camera for taking pics. I've done some research, and it looks like far too much trouble to have fixed, so I'll be looking for a new compact digi-cam.

If anyone has one that they love, I'd love suggestions. I don't want to spend more than $150, so bear that in mind with any opinions left for me.

It's funny how I don't use my camera THAT often, but when I want to use it and I can't, it really becomes a thorn in my side.

Time for bed, though. I'm done, just like my camera. Hopefully we'll both be better after a good night's sleep, but somehow I'm thinking that I'll be the only one fully restored in the morning. Sigh.


Clay Hilbert said...

Jerilyn recieved the Olympus Stylus 850SW (in pink no less) and she loves it. It is water proof (literally you can take pictures underwater with it), shock proof (I saw some drunk guys play football in a bar with one), and cold proof (great for snowboarding). I got it for $270.00 with case and a float strap (great for boating). And a 2gig memory card for about $40.00. I realize it is about double what you want to spend but I can't rave enough about this camera I think it is worth the extra money. It may come down in price soon because it's big brother just came out (10 megapixlel version).

Happy hunting!

Andrew said...

Our CX7330 has the same problem - the OK button does not work. Everthing else fine so far, but reading your story makes me think I should research some other brand of camera for the replacement.