Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm So Proud Of Us ...

... and by "us", I mean mostly Jason ... ha. We finished tiling our tub surround (almost, apparently it's tough to find tile edging that matches in Saskatoon ... we've exhausted the multiple big box stores supplies, and now we're waiting for a small family run tile shop to re-open from summer vacation to check their supply).

It looks so great, I can't wait to grout it tomorrow (and I really can't wait to have a shower in my own house again).

I got to navigate my way around the tile saw, which is always an adventure. The water spray made it look like I had peed my pants ... which was pretty funny for Jason each time I came back up from the basement with newly cut tiles.

Sigh. We're on our way to an entirely new bathroom. I'm so excited. Once I get a working camera, I'll post pictures.

Also - first eviction on Big Brother tonight! LOVE BIG BROTHER! I'm not crazy about it being on Sunday, Tuesday, and WEDNESDAY nights though. Last summer it was Thursday nights (instead of Wednesday, during the special Big Brother edition they did in the winter it was Wednesday, but there was a lot of other TV on to distract, not to mention busy, busy school which also makes time fly). That means that I now have to wait until SUNDAY for my next BB dose ... how will I make it?

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