Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Hate Junk Mail

In Calgary, we didn't get very much, but I had a slightly aggressive anti-junk-mail sign on our mailbox. Our mailbox there was much more sheltered than the one here, though, and the sign survived winters like a dream ... so I haven't done the same in Saskatoon ... and the junk mail is staggering.

The worst offenders, which actually have nothing to do with lack of an aggressive anti-JM sign, are the "pre-approved" credit card applications that banks seem to LOVE to send to people. I CAN'T BELIEVE how many of these suckers I get. It's ridiculous, and I don't really know how to stop it (project this week is to figure out HOW TO STOP IT).

As I was deliberating what to do with them, I considered how much of my information is on there. Yikes, non? It lead to the verdict to shred, then recycle in batches.

I haven't been keeping up on the privacy law news as much as I was last summer, but I was able to catch this posting over at Law Times:
Fight over YouTube viewer records highlights privacy issues

Makes you really wonder about how much information there is "out there" about YOU.

I really wonder why many companies don't store their data in unidentifiable forms (obviously, not still talking about the bank specific junk-mail)... especially if it's just for statistics, etc.

I guess ... it's harder to send you junk mail if they do.

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