Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm Very Proud

Jason and I hit the gym last night. Yup ... getting back on that horse. It's been far too long. Hopefully we'll be able to motivate each other ... I was finding it too hard to go alone.

If you see me on Saturday ... likely I won't be able to move my arms.

Yesterday didn't have any classes, just a brief meeting with my Natural Resources prof to go over my major paper topic.

I'm starting to realize that soon ... soon I'll have to have my affairs organized to get ready to apply for articling positions.

In Calgary (well, Alberta actually) there is a matching program which is run through National Matching Services. The stuff for 2009/10 articling isn't up yet, but looks like the end of February is when it will be.

One thing that is nice is that having gone through the summer job finding process already, my resume etc. are pretty up-to-date ... so that helps.

I'm going to have to book another meeting with our Career Services Officer, Terri Karpish ... Terri was so helpful when I had questions about summer job interviews ... so I'm definitely going to go get the low down for articling positions.

The Career Forum at school is coming up, too ... so that should help get me in the mood for articling job searching.

Found this on the SK CBA website - super interesting comparison of U of S Law Grads, comparing and contrasting experiences as students/lawyers in AB/SK.

Also - on the subject of jobs - Monday is when the job offers are supposed to be made for the on-campus-interviews (Calgary firms) that were held back in October.

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