Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feeling Less Blue ...

... which is nice.

I'm REALLY enjoying my Gender and the Law seminar on Tuesdays. It's an entirely different kind of thinking ... the type of thinking that I imagine I'd have used had I done classes in sociology before (which I always wish I had). It's so engaging and interesting, and it's neat to apply an academic structure to concepts that have always seemed intuitive for me. Aurgh. I love it.

Also ... I hesitate to admit this ... but I am really liking Tax so far. I know! It's something that you'd picture being a little dry, non? But ... I'm really liking it. I think it's neat that it's so relevant (i.e. applicable to ME PERSONALLY), but also that it really is a statement about Canadian values and policy making. When we are looking at things and our Prof tells us that this is as in depth as we go - any further analysis is for Tax II (the next class - I'm in Tax I), I get frustrated because I want to know NOW!

I think I'm going to take Tax II for sure next year, and I hope they offer the Tax Policy seminar ... I think that'd be so interesting.

As for summer job offers ... feel pity for me because I didn't get any. Luckily, I'm the kind of girl that appreciates the process, and I really am so thankful for getting to know people at each of the firms that I interviewed with, and getting to learn a little bit about firm culture. This in light of the fact that soon I'll be needing to make decisions about where to apply for articling, and so any information I can get is invaluable. I believe that everything happens for a reason (I know ... cliche, but I think it's true), so I'm happy for those that got job offers, and I'm already looking for the next opportunity that comes along ... wherever that may be.

And ... last but not least ... a friend from school showed me the most hilarious blog/zine ever:

I urge you to check out the Steve Don't Eat It section ... but not right before you plan on eating ... or even remotely NEAR ANYTIME you plan on eating.


Jimmy Mack said...

Sorry to hear about the jobs, but sometimes the best things come to those who wait!

Lisa Hutch said...

Thanks - I truly believe that too!