Monday, January 07, 2008

AAAAaaaaaaaaaand ..... I'm Back.

I know.

I haven't posted in forever.

Jason and I went home for Christmas, and I took my break very seriously. It was heavenly.

We spent Christmas near Edmonton with Jason's parents, and spend Joe's B-Day, Julie's B-Day and New Year's in Calgary.

We caught up with friends, watched Battlestar Gallactica (got season 1, 2, and 2.5 for Christmas - woo hoo), watched lots of movies, I crocheted, we went snowmobiling on Buck Lake, I got a manicure with my Mom (which is still holding up decently), played some awesome games (Apples to Apples is awesome, and we LOVE the new Cranium), we were spoiled, and we relaxed.

I'm still trying to clean up my house after getting home late last week, and trying to get myself in school mode since I've already begun classes.

Had tax on Friday, and today have Professional Responsibility and Oil & Gas ... sigh.

Time to detox from the chocolate too ... which is depressing.

Anyhoo - I'll catch up with a better post soon ... promise!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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