Monday, December 10, 2007

Where I'm At

I've been feeling reflective about this semester already, but I know I should wait until all my exams are done to really get into it (i.e. I should save my brain power for the exams).

Wrote Debtor-Creditor on Saturday, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Tough thing about Debtor-Creditor is that there are so many rules, that choosing how to apply them was kinda hard - I felt like I applied logic and case law to apply rules to facts, but there were a few different ways I could have sliced the rules, so no matter what I chose to do it FELT LIKE I could in theory justify it.


I'm sad that class is over, though. I liked it. It was very procedural, algorithmic always. The techy in me was happy. Also - Prof was amazing. Professor Cummings is ... amazing. REALLY enjoyed his class, he broke things down in a structured and complete way, he respected all of the students, and answered questions to lift the confusion. I'll definitely take more classes from Cummings.

A good tip I heard the other day is that, as Cummings teaches both Debtor-Creditor law and Secured Transactions ... and because the material is related ... if you take them both together in the same semester, it's a bit confusing to write exams and remember which material is for which class. Luckily, I didn't take Secured Transactions this semester - but a good tip for anyone that is in first year right now ... for next year.

I write Evidence tomorrow, and I'm not too sure about this one. Luther did give us some tutorials with TAs at the end of the semester, which were SOOOOOO helpful. I'm studying a bit differently for this test, as I've heard that Luther likes breadth over depth ... so ... hopefully I've not been led astray.

That's one thing that I've noticed about this year. I've really had to change my studying habits for a few classes; material is a bit different, Profs are a bit different, and I'm trying not to drive myself absolutely CRAZY. We'll see how it all shakes out for the marks.

My reflective attitude wants to talk about the overall experience this semester, but I'll save that until the winter break.

Also - after the Debtor-Creditor exam, I hit Maguires with some classmates for some food and a beer (or 3 ..... ahem). There was a GREAT debate about the Latimer parole decision. Some really great points of view, some really great perspectives, and some really personal reflections on what this all means. Again - a subject worthy of its own post, so it'll have to wait until after exams. Sigh.

P.S. My pre-New Year's resolution is to finally pay attention to when I'm using "it's" and "its" properly ... I KNOW the difference - it's = contraction for it is, its = possessive ... but I pretty much just never pay attention.

Anyhoo - time to go make Evidence come together in a meaningful way. Wish me luck.

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