Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Afraid to Take a Shower

I've been tracking the shipment of my printer ink online, and it looks like it's sitting on a delivery truck making it's way to my house. Unfortch, it seems that there are a few houses on the delivery route before mine.

My luck: I'd hop in the shower quickly only to miss the ink delivery person. So ... no shower until I get my ink! Hopefully ... this doesn't take days .... AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

It's that time of year again ... blog posts become rare, ink in the printer runs dry, my nerves are dropping one-by-one, and all I want to think about is the Christmas break. I'm not running on empty yet - but I'm getting there.

I've been pacing myself MODERATELY well for studying ... my first exam, Debtor-Creditor, is on Saturday. The only test I'm REALLY worried about is BusOrg, which is my third test. I feel like I understand the material, but there is SOOOOO MUCH OF IT. Seriously. It's ridiculous. While I've read most of it, and get most of it ... I just haven't found a great way to organize it all so that I can quickly retrieve the info I need. Also, I'm not sure that I always understand what the Prof is asking (I know, if not for the denial about the looming exam, I'd probably lose sleep over this one). After I toss and turn the words around a little, I eventually get it ... but my way of thinking isn't parallel to his ... it's perpendicular ... so while I KNOW the info he's looking for ... I don't always know WHICH info he's asking me for ... I'm not looking at the same horizon that he is. Yikes.

It's snowing right now, and I'm so happy that I'm snug as a bug in my cute little house. No need to go outside today, we're fully stocked with groceries (my Hubby spoiled me by seeing to my every exam-week grocery need); I've got yummy coffee brewing and yummy (FAT-FREE) hazelnut coffee whitener to put in it. I'm even stocked with Diet Pepsi and mini-wheats - essentials.

Now - I've got to get through a bunch of material before the second last episode of ANTM tonight ... EXCITING! Any guesses on who's going to get the boot? I guess ... Bianca or Chantal to be gone ... I guess that Saleisha and Jenah for SURE in the final two ... oooooh ... I can't wait.

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