Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Have Many Buddies That Are Fans

... and not just fans ... SUPER fans! It was a pretty neat year to be in Saskatchewan for the Roughrider win of the Grey Cup ... and now, apparently, fans can buy a Rider Grey Cup fan ring ... to celebrate. Probably not in time for Christmas, though (but that's just me guessing).

Check out the Intergold website here for the fan jewelery. On the radio, they said that the gold fan ring runs about $1200, and the silver about $375.

Mitchell Blair (co-host of the Drew Remenda Sports Show) starts what looks to be the beginning of a great debate on the issue here at the News Talk 650 website:
Fans Don't Deserve Rings

The comments are already starting ... I'm hoping some of the ├╝ber fans out there will leave their 2 cents ... everyone knows how I like a good debate!!!

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