Friday, December 14, 2007

Anecdote and Exam Tip From a Classmate

I got this message from a classmate:

I have a story/lesson you could use [on the blog].

When writing an exam, make sure you pay attention to how many questions there are, and how much time is allotted to each question. I spent over half an hour too long on my first question on my Family Law exam, but figured I could make up for it by cutting a few corners in the other questions. When I got to my last question, I had 30 minutes left to do a 35 minute question. Not too bad. But then, I turned the page to continue reading the question and found out that there was ANOTHER question. So, instead of leisurely answering my last question, I frantically tried to answer two questions, which were supposed to take a total of 65 minutes, in 30 minutes. Ahh! Note to self: ALWAYS read the exams over before starting!

So true, such a good tip, and THANK YOU for sharing!!!

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