Friday, November 23, 2007

We Took a Look at This News Item in Health Law

Interesting ... I can't wait to see the outcome of this.

Jury mulls tubal ligation injury case by: Chris Purdy, the Star Phoenix
Baert's bowel was unknowingly perforated during the laparoscopic operation in July 1999, allowing toxins to leak into her body. She was discharged from hospital but two days later was rushed back in critical condition, suffering from septic shock.
Doctors in Edmonton later had to amputate her hands and feet. She also suffered major brain damage during cardiac arrests, leaving her with the mental capacity of a child.

Now 29, she lives in Saskatoon's Parkridge Centre long-term care home where staff change her diapers and feed her.

Along with her husband Mark and their two young sons, Baert is suing Graham for more than $10 million for negligence. The Lloydminster hospital and several nurses originally named in the suit have already settled out of court.

Glazer told the all-female jury that bowel perforations are recognized risks of tubal ligation operations.
All-female jury, hunh? Sounds interesting ... from that point alone.

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