Thursday, November 08, 2007

Saskatchewan Party Wins in Saskatchewan

It's time for change
Sask. Party takes majority gov't
By James Wood, with files from Janet French,

So ... the NDP is out, the Saskatchewan party is in ... should be interesting.

The Provincial election results from all of the Saskatchewan ridings are here:
Star Phoenix

I like the website too - spells it out quick-like:

The Saskatchewan party platform held some very interesting points, including:
- Increasing post-secondary spending by 28%
- Elminiating PST on used cars and trucks (uh ... wow that this even has to be there)
- Keeping Crown Corporation public --> this could be super interesting to watch

The entire platform can be read here:

I always find it frustrating to read this kind of stuff, because to me it reeks of marketing, not substantive policy or political statements.

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Jimmy Mack said...

That PST thing on the used vehicles seems more like a "mere puff" to quote the Axe. Any used vehicle I've ever bought or sold was done between private people and no one ever bothers with the taxes.

The only time it's been an issue was when I registered a vehicle that was a gift, but it was a gift from a non-close relative (an aunt). SGI made me pay the tax on the blue book value. For private sales though, the tax thing is a complete non-issue.