Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remember the Glorious, Sunny Fall Weather?

Check out my post from November 10th, 2007.

Now ... look at a pic from today:

It's -35 degrees with windchill, I had to wear long underwear today (thank goodness for long underwear), and the snow isn't slowing down.


Winter is here.

BUT ... I have to focus on how lucky we were with the fall, right? The fall was so beautiful. Focus on the fall ... and on the fact that spring isn't THAT far away.


Clay said...

Yeah this winter is already considerably shorter than last year.

Jimmy Mack said...

While this fall was longer than last year, it also wasn't as hot or sunny. I believe we had more rain and 10 degree days, wheras last year I don't think it got below 18 degrees the whole month of September.