Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

I've done a little dropping off the map ... to celebrate being done school and all. I made a trip out to Calgary, and after being back in Saskatoon I had so many "housekeeping" type things to take care of that it took me awhile.

Now ... I'm back on track baby. I'm re-establishing my routines, and I look forward to hammering out a few great posts for everyone that actually reads this blog.

Things to look for in soon-to-be-published posts:

  • My summary of 2L (OMG - Can't believe I'm done 2L - assuming I pass everything)
  • Outlining the process I've been going through with applying for articling positions
  • Other things I've been up to
  • My dismay at the recently crappy weather, and my utter joy at seeing the sun again today

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