Friday, February 01, 2008


Well, another week down ... and everything has been chugging along.

I have an assignment in Gender and the Law which is due on February 15th, so I've got to get a move-on with that one.

I'm working on my Coalbed Methane paper outline, which has taken up some time.

I've been reading for my classes (novel concept, I know).

I've been missing my laptop for purely "I like to sit infront of the TV and surf the internet" reasons ... but frankly I haven't been sitting infront of the TV that much anyway ... so it's not a big deal. And ... Jason has one ... so it's more like "we both like to sit infront of the TV and surf the internet at the same time" reasons, which sounds excessive and silly, so forget I ever said anything.

I've been meaning to upload a couple of new CDs to my i-pod, haven't done it yet.

I found my camera cord (M&D - it was here the whole time).

The whole Law School is gearing up for Legal Follies which is tonight and tomorrow night, so it's been a different kind of stressful/excited atmosphere around there.

To get ready for Follies, here's a sneaky peaky at some of the videos from last year's show:

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