Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Afraid to Promenade

On Sunday afternoon I made a quick run to the local grocery store on foot. Unfortunately for me, when I was crossing the street, it was so icy that my feel literally flew out from under me and I landed on my right hip. Ouch. Luckily it was on the way there, so there weren't any FLYING GROCERY dramatics.

Yesterday while walking home from the bus-stop, I was crossing another street which was also slippery. Taking caution not to lose my footing again, I was SCARED OUT OF MY TREE when an older lady in an '80s Crown Vic turned left ALMOST INTO ME ... her car literally could have bumped my ass if I had paused for a second with my last stride. If I'd been facing the right direction, I would have been able to touch her car.

Made me think. Had I slipped yesterday and not Sunday, I'd have been toast. So ... I guess I'm thankful that my right hip is killing me?

Also - I'm rereading my Princessa Book (Machiavelli for Women) by Harriet Rubin. In light of all the reading I've been doing for Gender and the Law, I want to see if I feel differently when I read it this time.

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