Friday, May 30, 2008

Had my First VISTA Moment Today

So ... apparently zipped files sometimes just don't like to open when using Vista. I fixed it thanks to a tip in a forum that I found, required downloading an application to bypass crappy Vista.

Sigh. How I wish XP had been available when I purchased my new computer.

Gearing up for a friends wedding this week. I'm going to be the MC, so I'm a little nervous. I'm famous for thinking that all my jokes are hilarious when in reality they're on the cheesy side ... must run everything by the Hubster before it goes into the final draft, not that I'm preparing a stand-up routine or anything, but I want to be a little more energetic and lively than not.

I've also started putting resumes out there for Articling. I've just begun the process, perhaps a little late, but I'm really trying to target smaller, more specialized firms. I think I should find a perfect fit eventually. Exciting to think about being done.

Been back and forth between here and Calgary a lot, which isn't going to end anytime soon. Reminds me of first year law school when Jason and I were living apart, but I'm not quite so sad this time! Ha.

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