Thursday, June 29, 2006

Salads, Gossip, and Chatter ... OH MY!

How much does the Diva salad from Joey Tomato's rock? It's pretty much the best salad I've ever had. I was coming off a migraine, and ended up deciding to go to dinner with Jason and some friends, ordered the Diva salad and was cured, saved, and overall healed by it's crazy splendour of goodness!

Avacodo, craisins, chicken, apple, greens, all folded onto a big taco chip-y kind of thing.

I'm telling you - it heals!

The bellini helped too, I think.

Hmmmmm ...

I felt just enough better to dip into Lainey's Gossip page when I got home (thank's to Janelle, Lainey's become my new indulgence ... and she's FREE)!

I also browsed through the forums, and began to wonder at what kind of people I'm going to be going to school with this fall. I know that people say that law school is competitive and all ... but there seems to be an abundance of arrogance traipsing through the law students forums .... one thread was a debate over whether to give the title of "Doctor" to lawyers. YIKES. To be fair - there also seems to be some very witty souls on this board, some of the threads had me laughing my a$$ off!


morris said...

this is an interesting blog, would you like to link to me?



Anonymous said...

hi Lisa,
I'm not a stalker or anything :) I just randomly ran across your blog and saw you were moving to S'toon and just wanted to tell you what a great city it is and to welcome you here!

Lisa Hutch said...

Wow - that's so nice to hear (about S'toon)! I'm kind of excited. Everyone that I've ever talked to has nothing but nice things to say about it, so it'll be interesting to get there and find out what it's all about!