Friday, June 30, 2006

NEXT! The Application Process ...

... once I knew that I had aced the LSAT, the next step was the application process.

When I did my application for U of S, they required you to complete an application form, and submit a Personal Statement.

The application form was pretty straight forward, but I printed all of my answers on a laser printer, cut them out, taped them into the form, and photocopied it, so that everything was highly legible and very neat looking. Anal retentive? Yes. But ... to me it was worth it.

As for the personal statement, I didn't really know what to do, or what was expected, and I couldn't find any really good examples on the web (boo!). I ended up writing up a short passage, here's what I submitted (Microsoft Word Document).


Yorick said...

I posted about my first year law school experience at my website- a few of them might benefit you a bit.

I realize I attended an American law school and you're in Canada, but there should be some similarities.

Regardless, Good luck in your new adventure!

Lisa Hutch said...

Sweet - I'll check out your blog, and add a link for anyone else that wants to scour it all!