Friday, June 30, 2006

Franz Kafka and "Before the Law"

When I gave my notice at my current job, telling them that I would be attending law school, a co-worker pointed me to the work of Franz Kafka, and in particular, a passage from The Trial.

A link to "Before the Law" from "The Trial" by Franz Kafka

Reminds me much of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, even though they're quite different. Must be the tone.

I'm going to have to make time to read it all.

It made me curious about the author, Franz Kafka ... here's what I found in a brief search in wikipedia, the most interesting of which is that his dying instructions were to destroy all of his written work ... which of course, was only partially carried out ... and that almost none of his works were finished. What was eventually published was mostly published after he had passed away, and was translated/rearranged and finished by his friend, Max Brod.

This is the work that the 1962 Orson Welles movie of the same name was based on.

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