Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Is It Wrong To Cope Through Chocolate?

Is it wrong that my title is only partly a joke?

Ah CPLED. It would be so easy to whine, moan, wheeze, and otherwise lament about how gruelling you are, but that's just not my style. I'd rather problem solve (of course), and try and think about exactly what it is that is wearing me down, and what could be done to change the process. So ... here goes.

I like the fact that we do modules, rather than a big bar admission test. I like that I have access to lawyers who give me feedback about my writing. I enjoy the opportunity to have discussions with my LGFs ... but.


I am almost CPLED-ed out.

The pace prior to Christmas was a slow and steady pace in comparison to the pace now, which I suppose is a good thing as we are eased into the whole CPLED thing, but I almost wish that CPLED was organized in the opposite way, so that the last month of the process was a more relaxed pace, and I could ease my way out. My WORK work load is a bit more complex now, and I'm not quite as eager about the whole CPLED process. Easing my way out would be a lot easier than easing my way in.

ALSO - at this point, I've had so much feedback from so many various LGFs that all the information is spinning around in my head, and I'm working far too hard to put it all together into coherent assignments, especially when some of the feedback is directly contradictory. Again, it would be easier if the pace were a little more relaxed at this point, so that I could truly synthesize all of this information to try and bring my writing to a higher level, rather than just slap together assignments to get them done and get a CD (competency demonstrated).

So ... my big suggestion ... flip the script. Ease us out, rather than easing us in. We can handle it.

And ... problem solved. NEXT ... solving the problem of finishing my LE that is due tomorrow.

Ah CPLED, how I look forward to the time that we part our merry ways.

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