Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Benefit ...

... to having done CPSC as an undergraduate degree before law school ....

sure makes drafting agreements easier. My LE last week asked me to draft a shot-gun clause and a non-competition clause for a unanimous shareholder agreement. We were given precedents, but they were written in an archaic and wordy format, so had to be changed a great deal.

Writing out the draft clauses for that assignment was seriously like programming. Keeping track of the variables, writing the logic to ensure that all contingencies were provided for, and doing it all in a succint and elegant manner. I REALLY ENJOYED this assignment. I like keeping track of the details, and I like the logic. I'm trying to decide if this is the law equivalent of being a computer nerd.

I received fairly good feedback from a fairly tough LGF, as well, so I know that I'm onto something with this.

Exciting. When everything feels so new all the time, it's so nice to find something that seems to be a natural strength.

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