Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Decided

I'm going to go ahead and try to write two major papers this semester. One in Family Law II, and one in Intellectual Property II. I already have a start on the ideas for Family Law II, I'll just need to complete some research to refine my thesis. For Intellectual Property II, I want to be a little more cautious in picking my topic; I wrote a paper for Intellectual Property I, so I want to make sure that this paper is quite different from that paper, also, I want to make sure that I relate the topic back to my background in technology. So ... we'll see what I end up with for a topic.

Classes seem to be going relatively well so far ... nothing surprising or shocking. My schedule has my toughest day as Mondays, so my long day is over first thing in each week, which is really great. This weekend, my plan is to get organized for the long haul. I'll have three days to really get on track, and then hopefully I can stay there all semester.

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