Friday, October 31, 2008


We don't get very many trick-or-treaters here at our place, so what to do to occupy my time tonight, while still feeling festive? MAKE HALLOWEEN COOKIES!

I used these two recipes:
The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies
Decorator Frosting

AND ... they really are the BEST ROLLED SUGAR COOKIES ever. So yummy. My icing was a little runny, but I kind of threw in some of the ingredients instead of measuring ... ya know, trying to be a rogue or maverick or diva or something.

Luckily, these pumpkins didn't get out of control like the gingerbread men did that Jason and I made a few years ago:

We also rented a couple of movies that we're about to pop in.

Last week, we rented War, Inc. and were pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it. Good ol' John Cusack, he just never disappoints me. ALL of the acting was delightful, great cast. Highly recommend.

As for school, I'm still swimming along. This week was busy, since I had an LSA meeting as well, but one of my profs has the flu (yikes), so I had one less class than usual, which helps with the ol' schedule. I'm still as caught up as I want to be in terms of reading/assignments etc., and I hope to be a little ahead by the end of this weekend.

On the home reno front, we've pulled apart our kitchen for painting, and hopefully we'll begin to put it back together over the weekend, so there's a lot on the go.

Sigh. These weeks are flying by. Christmas vacation seems just around the corner which is great and also terrifying.

But ... in the meantime ... I'm going to go have a cookie.

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