Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm Sickened, but Happy

Heartbreaking to read. Can you believe that it's the year 2008? Reading this article made me feel like I was thrown back in time or something, the thought that this ACTUALLY goes on in our cities. We certainly ALL need to smarten up, we can't put up with stuff like this anymore. 17 years from the first complaint, the retaliation ... it sickens me. I wish all discrimination sufferers had the stamina and strength that Delorie Walsh clearly must have to be able to fight this battle for so freakin' long.

Mobil Oil discriminated against first female landman, court rules

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Anonymous said...

Lisa -

Don't be surprised by Delorie Walsh's battles regarding discrimination in male-dominated workplaces. Discrimination is common in jobs where you're the only one of your kind, like a woman in a male-dominated job. I know that because I'm going through a battle similar to the one Walsh has been going through.

Yes it is 2008, but some people's attitudes are still stuck in the dark ages, and the law has been moving too slowly to help people like Walsh and myself. I can see myself still battling in the courts for several years. And because lawyers have become too expensive I've had to represent myself.