Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lawyering - Lisa Styles

So, now that I'm a full-fledged lady of law, I find that I just don't have the time or inclination to keep writing this blog. Perhaps it is that so much of what I do during the day, I CAN'T tell you about (heh). Perhaps it is that I am a mother to a toddler ("I'm not a baby, I'm a toddlyiar", she tells me when I ask how my baby is doing), and any spare time that I do have belongs to her (and the spa, let's be honest). Perhaps it is that life has finally slowed down and I've been busy enjoying camping with my family, going to work and continuing to learn every single day and continuing to love what I'm doing, watching movies, reading books, and being thankful that I don't have to go through CPLED again - mwooo ha ha ha ha.

BUT ... I think this law student blog needs to live on, mmmmm ... how to accomplish such a feat?

Here's a teaser: I may have found a recruit to whom I can pass the torch (did I get it "write"? ... ahahahahah ... my brother is the pun-master, and it isn't often that I think of one). When I know for sure, I'll post a reveal.

In the meantime, just to keep this blog a little bit fresh and tasty, I'll try to visit a little more often and post some of the interesting tid-bits that I come across throughout my day.

For instance, this one isn't hot off the presses - it is about a month old, but I found it pretty interesting even though I don't practice criminal law:
R v. J.A. 2011 SCC 28

This one is hot off the presses:
New home builder facing several charges - Government of Alberta News Release

Worried about privacy? The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (Federal, with AB and BC) developed an online tool to help assess privacy policies:
Securing Personal Information: A Self-Assessment Tool for Organizations

Also - an interesting piece by Sanjoy Mahajan, Associate Director at the Teaching and Learning Laboratory and Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, over at the Freakonomics Blog, makes me think of litigation, thinking on your feet, and negotiation for settlement:
What Chess Tells Us About the Value of Perception

By the same author, on the same blog, a few articles that have me thinking, especially as my "toddlyiar" is entering playschool this fall:
Deliberate Practice: How Education Fails to Produce Expertise
How Richard Feynman Thought

And, now I want to buy his book. Sigh. sometimes I wonder if it would be better to request my salary be paid in Chapters gift cards ....

ETA: One more that I just came across:


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Garry J. Wise, Wise Law Office, Toronto said...

Hello Lisa:

Congrats on your full-fledged lawyer status. It has been fun reading of your travels and travails over the last several years.

Hopefully, you won't give up on writing this blog entirely. It would be good to hear more of where you've landed and how you're finding it.

It is possible, after all, to write a blog and practice law at the same time... (and you never know what good may come of it!)