Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Even though I am posting this one day early (well .... about 15 hours early in my time zone), I thought I'd put it out there.

2010 was a great year ... so many exciting things for moi. I finished articling, got a job in Calgary and moved home, got called to the bar. My kid learned to walk and talk, and we've basically been reintegrating into our non-school-mode lives. It has been glorious.

I can't believe that in (roughly) 15 hours we'll be into 2011. Crazy. I think it's true that as you get older, time appears to speed up. This makes sense from a relativity perspective ... think about it. In my 20's, 1 year was about 1/20th of my life, or about 5% of my life. That's a decent chunk. Now, in my 30's, 1 year is about 1/30th of my life, or about 3.33% of my life. That's a smaller chunk. Heh. The chunks get smaller every year that goes by, and it doesn't help that we're packing so much into each and every year.

In any event, happy new year to everyone out there. Hopefully 2011 brings health and happiness to you all, and a breath of fresh air in a good change kind of way.

I'm hoping that 2011 marks the beginning of some adventures in travel for me and my family, but it's still too early to tell for certain. It's so exciting to be able to entertain that notion, rather than the notion of WHERE WE ARE GOING TO BE LIVING/WORKING/GOING TO SCHOOL. Phew!

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Michael said...

I know what you mean about time flying! Scary stuff.

Happy New Year! :-)