Wednesday, May 19, 2010

October 1st, here I come.

Yes, my bar call has been booked. Now that I have officially conquered CPLED, I just have to finish my articles, submit the proper paperwork, and on October 1, 2010 I will officially become a lawyer when I'm called to the bar (although, I can still work between the end of my articles and my bar call, just requires that I submit some paperwork).

Also - for those who care - I did pick my bar call date based on the fact that it can be represented as binary as follows:

10 01 10

WHICH ... represents the number 38.

Interesting things about the number 38:

My favourite bit:
"The number was said to represent unnatural bravery, characteristic of the legendary heroes of Norse sagas."

The relief, I can't describe it. The weight lifted from my shoulders, it's exquisite.

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