Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sometimes ...

... I just reach my wipe-out point. I'm pretty sure that this point typically gets reached at the end of each CE that I hand in, but I haven't really looked back to verify.

On Wednesday night last week, I fell asleep while putting my kid to bed at 7:30 ... got up at 11:00 to brush my teeth, then went back to bed.

This weekend I've been spending in recovery mode, which to me, consists of chick-flicks on the TV, PJs on my body, and a special kind of hibernation that involves recharging my batteries, chocolate, and cleaning my apartment.

As for my weekly goals, I did clean-up my blog side-bar, have not yet read up on fair use issues, I did finish my CE, have NOT yet made a dentist appointment, and have somewhat organized my desk.

NEW weekly goals:
  • finish my LE for Thursday
  • make a dentist appointment
  • read up on fair use issues with copyright
  • go running at least once (yup, am feeling the urge to run again, now that spring is almost upon us, and since I'm not pregnant/the mother of an infant)
I haven't added very many new ones, as far too many of the above are carry-overs. I want to wrap these ones up before I get too crazy ahead of myself.

AND NOW ... to get back to work on my LE. I've already got a good start on it, but I know that it will take a few hours of good solid work to get to where I feel like I've got a solid skeleton of an assignment.

OH - and happy pi day!


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